infinite series

This would end up as an ever going project or series. This definition was a small component of another project. In that project I was trying to make a closed loop which looks a flower or a leave.

loop from Arfurqan on Vimeo.


Screenshot 2014-12-17 22

The definition is very simple.It starts with a circle.  I take x numbers of points in a circle and displace them randomly away or towards the radius of the circle. In the end i connect all of them together to form a closed loop.

Screenshot 2014-12-17 23

later on when I had  two sets of closed loops. I thought why not use tween. A component that  creates multiple outlines between two curves.

Below there are the results of this definition.

loop 1

3 3 3     3 6

loop 2


Infinitynabula nabulainst nabula5


Loop 3twine2

Loop 4twist twist1



Loop 5voidsl void 6   void 7

Loop 6whirlpool1 whirlpool2

more to come 😉

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