Infinity Lamp

Ok here in Pakistan the light goes out. Daily! at times for 2 hours. So instead of sitting in my lonely dark room I told to myself There Shall Be Light !  of-coz in a lamp. and by using arduino it would turn on and brighten my room. Yeehhhh!

Since i have gotten hooked on to  grasshopper, would like to use my grasshopper skills  for form finding optimizing  and fabricating. Well the last one was only possible thanks two cool dude from splindleworks. Bilal Firoz & Yawar ul haq. They do customized milling operation and have bunch of cool products in line. I would say follow them.  Below you can see the final result.




Before I talk about the final product lets have a good look at the process and the logic used to make this piece. It’s very similar to jar 2.0  and infinity light.


Here how it looks in a video

1 from Arfurqan on Vimeo.

The major parametric  components in this definition are the number of points and the number of segments, which are lofted to create the surface of the jar. So be adjusting or changing values of these both components the end result changes. As you have since in the video above the possibility of surfaces that result be try different number of points and segments.

Image A
com 1 (1)

Image B

com 1 (2)

Image C

com 1 (3)

Lets not forget the electronics. once the piece was assembled. I used a led rope light on a rolled card board paper. Inside that card board paper I placed two 9 volt batteries combined them together with a push switch.


here is the final result once again. 2

I was not able to use arduino. Well not yet!!   If you are interested in this piece let me know.

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