blob light

blob lamp

A year back I made a paper lamp  that consisted of 100s of triangular panels. All what you needed to do is laser cut it and assemble it.

aloot of parts
The problem I had with this one was that there were alot and alot of panels to be glues and you had to get the numbering right of each panel rigth. In simple words it was like solving a big puzzle that takes a lot of time.So out of this problem came a solution which consists of.

A series of single strips that are folded into each out to form a shell.

I was rooming in instructables found a beautiful instructable that solved the folding part of it ( link). I  refined it  further. Now parametrical you can create a shell surface of your liking.  Apply a u and v division. You can also make perforation in shape of circle, triangle or just leave it panel. You can define the order of these perforation with a help on an attractor point.





Folding Detail 


Sample 1sample 1


Sample 2





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