ellipse shelf

So I had this idea of making  shelf by using a waffle section for my small little toys. But i wanted to do more with it. What i was looking for was to make openings that defined by a pattern .


The basic logic behind the ellipse shelf is as below.

shelf 1b

The grasshopper definition is very simple.  At first the solid is made in ant desirable shape. The solid is populated with points.  These points are projected to the surface, before they are used as center points to make sphere.  The center points of each sphere is defined by it’s distance from a single  points ( the attractor point), which is parametrically adjusted to effect  the radius of each sphere.  You can see it below.


attractor point

By adjusting the height of the attractor point, the sizes of spheres can be changed  in  order of closest having the larger radius to the further one having a small radius.


A curve can also be used instant of a point.

curve sample


The logic can be applied to solids of different shapes.

shelf 4b shelf 5 shelf 6





Ready for CNC milling Job 

cnc model


Paint and polishing work


Before doing the paint work. I  firstly did sanding. To make those edges look neat and clean. Then i applied  2 coats of sealer To make show that the wood doesn’t absorb paint and moisture. let it dry for one day. after that did sanding again with a fine sand paper, to get a smooth surface. For paint work scarlet red spray paint, ran it over the surfaces, let it dry for one day. At last for a final coat two coats of  lacquer spary.


Assembling Detail 





here is the final product



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