Wave Shelf

So one fine day out of boredom I came up with an idea lets make a shelf for the office. Building on previously designed eplis I was thinking let bring in some wave like surface on it and let have look at the out come.


This blog is divided into two parts. Design by using grasshopper definition (a plugin for Rhino) and fabrication model also by using grasshopper to receive 2d lines which would serve as cut path for cnc machine.


A- Design

Since the definition is constructed to generate varying outcomes by changing inputs. The possibility of outcomes are endless. The design logic can be seen in below diagram.



At first a rectangle of X the Y measurement is defined.

After cutting the final object into Y and Z cross sections a 2d line works of these cross sections, properly labeled are nested into a rectangle sheet and ready to cnc cut.

B- Fabrication



C- Exploded Assemble Diagram



Wall Fixing details

The wall fixing is done by drilling holes inserting plug and screwing wall holding brackets used to hold vertical section of the shelf. These holes are drilled according to the  measurements mentioned in above diagrams.



D-Finale output







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